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Fedora Core 6, Test 1 Review

Overall i am impressed with the level of interoperability that has come with FC6 Test 1. This feels like a test 3 release. This has all the operations and it is clear that fedora has gone for more stability and functionality, as opposed to the trimmings and treats that great the likes of SuSE Linux 10.1 users.

The graphics have provided the first bug of the operation, with the screen appearing to be "washed" in appearance. Also of note is that there is some errors in the Control Center, and accessing the KDE documents through the help system. As for the appearance of the latest release, not much will have changed for users used to Fedora Core 5. The menus and layouts are the same, with little change. Graphics support, such as 3D support, will be made easier in Fedora Core 6, but i was unable to test this feature out, as i still was battling the washed out contrast on my screen, attempting not to be nauseated.

Another innovation to try out, is the support for Fedora Core 6 to work on Intel Macs, something that has not been possible with any Fedora Core version to date. This will please mods and hacks, who will enjoy triple, and quadruple booting, with say Mac OS X, Windows, Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu, and maybe even more. Those choosing the latest MacBooks, with plenty of dosh will enjoy the unparalleled enjoyment of playing around with up to 10 OS's from Mac Os to Linux.

In conclusion this latest treat is going to be something special. It already shows the stability, and the technical ability was never in doubt, and is now confirmed. The support this new OS offers will blow your mind if you think outside the box, and more than makes up for the subtlety of the physical appearance. Test 2 will certainly bring more to the table, and i await eagerly.

By Adam "MAniX" Moreland

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